Products  Warranty

JS ZEST Pty Limited trading as the CAFÉ PAGE (the CAFÉ PAGE) warrants to the original purchaser (the Purchaser) of the following commercial products('the Goods') supplied by the CAFÉ PAGE or its resellers for the following periods from the date of invoice (the Warranty Period):

  • For Frozen Yogurt Machine, Ice Machines(ICETRO) ,Sushi Machine (Robotic Sushi) and Commercial refrigeration(Lassele) imported by the CAFE PAGE.

 - Twelve (12) months for parts and labour for Great Sydney area by the CAFÉ PAGE
 - Twelve (12) months for parts only for all area except Great Sydney area by the CAFÉ PAGE

For all products supplied ny the CAFE PAGE but not imoprted nor manufactured by the CAFE PAGE.

  • The café page is third party seller and not responsible for the repairs or  replacement of faulty equipments except Lassele, Robotic Sushi and ICETRO brand. 
  • The manufactures or their agent have the sole right to repair or replace their equipment under their own warranty conditions, please visit the manufacturer's or their agent's web sites to read the warranty conditions prior to purchasing.


Subject to the following conditions of this Warranty, if a defect or fault in parts or workmanship is found during the Warranty Period, the CAFÉ PAGE will repair the Goods of Lassele or ICETRO brand sold by the CAFE PAGE without charge.

1. The Goods must have purchased from the CAFÉ PAGE and must be able to be identified by the CAFÉ PAGE personnel as the Lassele or ICETRO Refrigeration product.

2. The original invoice details, including serial number, MUST be provided to the CAFÉ PAGE at the time that any claim is made pursuant to the terms of the Warranty.

3. Any claim made pursuant to the terms of the Warranty must be made within a reasonable time of the discovery of any potential fault or defect (7 days).

4. Acceptance of a claim under this Warranty is subject to an assessment of the Goods by the CAFÉ PAGE, or its authorised agent, to determine the cause of the fault or defect prior to the CAFÉ PAGEs authorisation for repairs to be released.

5. the CAFÉ PAGEs warranty does not extend to any damage to the Goods or failure of the Goods resulting from an installation that was undertaken outside the direct control of the CAFÉ PAGE or of its authorised service/installation agents.

6. the CAFÉ PAGE will not be responsible for any costs involved in gaining access to Goods for the purposes of repairs, checks or modifications. Any expense associated with obtaining reasonable access to the Goods including, for example, any modification of cabinetry, relocation of furniture, modifications to building structure(s) such as the removal of doors and glass panels etc, is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

7. Where Goods are located or are to be located in premises where the induction of service or installation personnel is required, any costs for such induction of service or installation agents to gain access to sites is for the account of the Purchaser and not for the CAFÉ PAGE.

8. the CAFÉ PAGE is not liable for, and will not authorise repairs pursuant to a claim under this Warranty for

  • Breakage of glass or plastic components of the Goods;
  • Replacement of lights, fluorescent tubes, gaskets or components which have been damaged by exposure to spillage;
  • Damage or failure of the Goods as a consequence of not removing packaging and transport materials before use;
  • Parts subject to wear and tear including but not limited to filters, oil, fuses, lamps, batteries, handles, locks, hinges;
  • Goods which have not been installed in accordance with the CAFÉ PAGEs and/or the manufacturers specifications or manuals;
  • Extraordinary and unforeseeable events (voltage surges, irregular electric power supply, natural events and disaster, riots, etc);
  • Repairs or replacement of Goods not bearing original serial numbers or compliance plates;
  • Damage caused to Goods due to improper use of cleaning agents, detergents, bleaches or other chemical additives or agents of a corrosive nature;
  • Any damage arising from any modification of the Goods that has taken place without prior authorisation from the CAFÉ PAGE;
  • Any use of the Goods for any reason other than its originally specified purpose;
  • Goods which are moved or repositioned whilst loaded with any stored products. Such products must be removed prior to movement. (All units are stationary units and not designed for regular movement on casters or legs);
  • Installation of Goods in places other than the original place (disassembly and reassembly in another place);
  • Carelessness, negligence or use other than that for which the Goods are designed;
  • Goods not performing correctly as a result of Goods being used in an environment whereby the ambient temperature and relative humidity are outside the operating parameters specified for those particular goods or damage made by users like put water into the goods;
  • Unauthorised modifications to or tampering with the Goods;
  • When goods used for beyond the specification limit specified in manual or specification sheet like ambient temperature limit etc.

9. the CAFÉ PAGE will either undertake the repair or nominate a repair agent authorised by the CAFÉ PAGE.

10. Repairs to the Goods must not have been attempted by any person other than an authorised service agent. Repairs attempted by a non authorised agent will void the warranty.

11. Repair or supply of a substitute will not extend or renew the warranty period.

12. the CAFÉ PAGEs repair warranty is restricted to normal business hours on Monday to Friday and excluding public holidays and weekends.

13. the CAFÉ PAGE is not liable for the costs of the authorised service agents other than standard labour costs during normal working hours.

14. the CAFÉ PAGE is not liable for travelling time in excess of 50 kilometres from an authorised service agent or 1 hour from the authorised service agent, whichever is the lesser.

15. the CAFÉ PAGE shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit or any other economic loss including without limitation product losses.

16. The requirement for repair or replacement of the Goods must not be due to misuse, neglect, accident, improper, installation, unauthorised modification or other abuse which in the reasonable opinion of manufacturers were occasioned by the Purchaser or any agent or employee of the Purchaser.

17. the CAFÉ PAGE is not liable for, and will not authorise repairs pursuant to a claim under this Warranty for Goods which are used in a mobile application. (All Goods are designed to be operated indoors in a permanent location. Movement of goods after installation should be restricted to whatever is required for routine cleaning and maintenance only).

18. the CAFÉ PAGE will not be responsible or liable for damage or loss caused during transport and/or testing of the Goods and will not be liable for the cost of transport or testing of the Goods.

19. Where the CAFÉ PAGE elects to replace rather than repair the Goods and no identical replacement is available for the Goods being replaced, the CAFÉ PAGE may replace the Goods with Goods of a similar standard and design then available from its range.

20. The obligation of the CAFÉ PAGE in relation to the warranty, provided for in the previous paragraphs, is not valid in the following cases:

  • Installation does not conform to the instructions given in the Use and Maintenance handbook;
  • Installation in places other than the original place (disassembly and reassembly in another place);
  • Carelessness, negligence or inability in use or use other than that for which the product is designed and/or dimensioned;
  • Modifications or tampering with the product

21. the CAFÉ PAGE reserves the right to invoice a customer directly for a service call, plus parts and labour, for a service that was deemed by the licensed refrigeration technician not to be connected to a warranty issue. The invoice is required to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date

22. Please contact the CAFÉ PAGE as soon as possible after discovery of a potential defect and/or fault with the Goods to arrange for it to be tested and/or serviced.

23. All warranty enquiries and/or claims should be directed to the CAFÉ PAGEs Head Office via its postal address  5/7 Stubbs St. Auburn NSW 2144, email at  or by telephoning 0280841854.